Sustainable Silicon Valley – Promoting #SiliconValley and #GlobalGood

See what Sustainable Silicon Valley is Up to in #SiliconValley // They are a Great organization to help out with. You can donate to them /civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=1″>here: They are active and involved check out this event: Sustainability Leaders Forum: A peer-to-peer solutions lab event hosted by NetApp In Honor of their movement the G.G.G. has established… :: Handmade Gifts That Support Women | Another Global Good Resource

Hey there Global Good World! > A great organization to check out is: // > Their slogan next to the logo is: “HANDMADE GIFTS THAT SUPPORT WOMEN” Their about us page discusses that they are supported by “Artisans in 20 countries” and that the products are “Eco Friendly”. Furthermore, is explains that all of this…

Major Government Network Security Disruptions due to Lockheed Martin, #1 Pentagon Supplier + Global Good Message from GGE CEO

Lockheed Martin is having some major computer network problems, bad news for the government and the Pentagon who uses Lockheed as their main supplier for technology. Also check out our security resource list to protect yourself online and special message from Josh Bois CEO Global Good Enterprises to the world about the importance of information security in the future.