Hey there Global Good World!

> A great organization to check out is: http://www.globalgoodspartners.org
> Their slogan next to the logo is: “HANDMADE GIFTS THAT SUPPORT WOMEN”

Their about us page discusses that they are supported by “Artisans in 20 countries” and that the products are “Eco Friendly”. Furthermore, is explains that all of this is to promote change through Fair Trade!

They are looking to continue “communicating a message of human rights and economic opportunity for women

We suggest you check them out as well as many of their cool products! We for sure support the Women’s movement whether that means equal employment and economic opportunities or fighting any other form of discrimination.

On their website at the bottom it mentions as well that they are members of:
The Fair Trade Federation: http://www.fairtradefederation.org/
This great Global Good organization explains on their website homepage that “The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is the trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to Fair Trade.”
Check out their about us page to learn more about the Fair Trade Federation here.

Coop America ( http://www.coopamerica.org/ )
Their Slogan is: “Approved For People and Planet” and the CoopAmerica website forwrad to GreenAmerica.Org where it features another great slogan under the logo that says “Come Together” along with a call to action beneath if that you can click that says “Economic Action For a Just Planet” Which leads you to their about us page here. The about page for Green America explains that it is a not-for-profit membership organization that was founded in 1982. They originally used the Coop America name until january 1, 2009. ( http://www.greenamerica.org/about/ )

Some Great Global Good Excerpts from their about page:
“Our mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.”

Our Vision:
We work for a world where all people have enough, where all communities are healthy and safe, and where the bounty of the Earth is preserved for all the generations to come.”