The world is constantly in a state of flux and change and seriously who is going to deny that? Our world’s history has been marked with great periods of innovation and great cultural revolutions such as the renaissance age or the digital era we are currently in the middle of. Unfortunately however, there have also been a plethora of wars, violent tyrants, and other natural disasters from famines and earthquakes to even the meteor that scientists believed killed the dinosaurs. 

Our goal with the Global Good Network is to be a fun and friendly place where people can come and get engaged with other people around the world, educate themselves with information about everything from world issues to other people’s opinions, and come up with solutions to change the world. While changing the world is ambitious; we would rather shoot for the stars and hit the moon than set our sights too short. Many other young entrepreneurs, politicians, organizations, celebrities, and companies before us have gone after global good and change; we are not alone. Whether we barely touch the surface of the real issues or really can make a deep impact we are going to do everything in our power to at least try to change the world.

Change is a very vague term but that also gives us a lot of freedom and flexibility as well as our users for what it needs to mean and how to interpret it in different situations. We want to help our users in every country ( last month we had traffic from over 100 countries alone ) change the problems they see or are facing. Issues can be political, social, cultural, religious, digital, and virtually any other form. While we can’t magically “fix” or “change” the world’s problems or come up with overnight solutions we can continue to build a platform for people to effectively voice their concerns and visions for the future. By incorporating social networks and other powerful channels into our marketing mix and distribution outlets we can help our users issues go viral and give them the exposure they need. The Global Good Group is built by the people for the people and we are receptive and open to all of our visitors ideas. Obviously we are not open to violent, discriminating, or other “bad” ideas or movements but promise to listen to our users in the most neutral, fair, non judgmental manner possible.

Due to our large reach and increasing traffic levels ( I just knocked on wood because we pray for continued growth )  we honestly feel we can make some change happen. Most specifically I believe in the future we can incorporate digital signature technology into the Global Good Group and our partner network that would allow people to have digital petitions signed by hundreds, thousands, even maybe millions of people to help sway political laws towards the best interests of the citizens most affected by them. My vision for the future is an even more connected world where technology ( such as the electronic signatures just discussed ) can allow the masses to vote faster and more effectively thus creating a more representative democracy. Though I have integrated digital signatures into the businesses processes of the media firm’s  I run such as to speed the process of contract signing and other agreements using services such as docusign and echosign. Unfortunately the costs are prohibitive for us to allow hundreds of thousands of people to upload their own political documents to be signed by the masses. Perhaps one of the major electronic signature players will eventually spot us and sponsor such an undertaking. Though we have developed our own digital signature technology before; it too is not ready for the masses as it does not have all of the legal  compliance and security infrastructure needed to ensure 100% accurate signing by all of those users which is absolutely necessary if this is to spark legal and political change around the world.

Anyways, we would like to thank our users and readers and welcome you to become a part of the global good group and help us grow as much as possible. We want to change the world and need your help. Follow the GlobalGoodGroup founder Rick Jeffries on twitter to hear some of his perspective as well:

Best Regards,

Josh Bois CEO Global Good Enterprises