The average user does not generally think about how many germs there are on their keyboard every time they type. According to Mashable’s information they are about 60 times more germy than toilet seats and about 150 times over the limit for acceptable levels of bacteria. Gross right?! So what can you do? Clean you keyboard, table, and cell phone every few days or at least once a week with some form of anti bacterial wipe or spray which can help get the numbers down to a more healthy level. Think about all of the places that you sit down on or place your cell phone on during the day and night all adding up. From restaurants to conference tables. perhaps even very public places like the DMV or the beach… the opportunities for germs to exist is huge. In a day and age of growing populations and bio threats we must all take cleanliness seriously and do what it takes to be safe and healthy.
We would like this information to spread globally as to protect those who may not be as informed about these types of issues. Imagine the germs in third world countries where existence of anti bacterial cleaning products is limited or completely non existent. Many people share devices such as computers and phones whether in internet cafes if they are that sophisticated or just public phones an entire village uses let alone just an entire family. We must spread this information people to that the worlds’ peoples can be healthy and long living, and stay away from bacteria. Germs are getting more resistant to our anti bacterial products and it is important that we do not let them grow and mutate any more than they already have to whatever degree we can stop it. So next time your at home give your hands an extra wash as well as some of your tech!