A Group of Young President's Organization

A Group of Young President's Organization

The Young President’s Organization ( YPO ) is the international network for powerful and resourceful entrepreneurs. This inspiring network is very exclusive and has very strict requirements to join, in fact you have to apply and be accepted. So what does it take? You can’t just be any start up or even funded firm owner to join it… and also you have to apply and be accepted before your 45, so sorry Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates if your not already members! The official requirements are on their Join YPO page which are pretty strict and hard to meet no matter who you are or your level of business experience. I was personally referred onto the organization this past weekend from another young aspiring entrepreneur who hopes to take his business to the level where you are accepted into this organization.

When first looking over the requirements I felt a little bit of two things… the first was inspiration to want to take my companies and organizations to the next level where I could be included in an organization such as this but the other was a little dissapointment that after over 8 years of running internet companies and being an entrepreneur since I was little having had lemonade stands, dog walking businesses, lawn mowing businesses, all the way to now where I run international marketing campaigns that I was still not elgible for this. I am happy in the end of it because this gives me as well as other entrepreneurs a pretty high bar of standards to set for ourselves and to really reach for.

For example one of the requirements of this program is that the compensation of your employees is atleast $1,000,000; yes that is one million dollars. That means that you need to be bringing in a much higher percentage and proportion of revenue such as around $5-$10 Million or so to pay for the other costs of business such as computers, marketing, office space, the cost of your product / services outside of your employees, and more and still have over a million dedicated to compensating your employees. Here comes the second reason why I was a little disheartened about the requirements.. you need to have 50 or more employees. And more over, these employees all need to be regular full time staff, that means no part time or “seasonal” employees which makes this a little bit more difficult to get to. My reason for being a little upset with this is because very successful companies can run very lean such as 10-25 employees and still run an international enterprise proportionally much much larger than their small start up base. In fact I have worked with and networked with firms doing just that, making a lot and running very lean with a small proportion of workers compared to their revenue equivalents in other industries which are human resources intensive. In the internet business particularly, you are able to run off of part time workers, seasonal workers, and more importantly contract / subscontracted only workers to save on costs and best utilize your incoming cash flow for the most R.O.I. in other divisions of the firm. More importantly, this employee compensation does not include the candidate. Sooooo if you do have these 50 workers and are paying them salaries of lets say $30K and up you should be good seeing as that is $1.5 mill, but anyways that means that should the “candidate” or executive himself be getting $500K+ it does not even account for the employee compensation factor and requirement they are looking for which means even more so that you need to really be bringing in bank! -JBois

Anyways I am very interest in this organization and will be doing much more research into them and how I can get the Global Good Group and our surrounding properties to get to that sort of level so I can network with some other very high up young entrepreneurs that can help us bring Global Good to the entire world in a much more expedited and exponential way! <3 you world, lets get em!

-Josh Bois, Hopeful future candidate for YPO

Join the YPO: http://www.ypo.org/join-ypo/