Example of a YKK Zipper

Example of a YKK Zipper

You may have never really paid attention or connected the Dot’s but more than likely the majority of your clothes that have zippers have zippers from the YKK Group. With over 689,593 Million in Japanese currency and 3,828 million they are definitely a world leader in their market. They are best known for their zippers which are found on everything from baby clothes to full grown men’s jeans and much more.

YKK, which officially goes by YKK Group ( Japanes: YKKグループ Waikeikei Gurūpu according to Wikipedia ), claims that they promote “environmental protection measures”(Wikipedia) with their zippers so that they are “environmentally friendly zippers”(Wiki) which is aligned with their company philisophy of, “The Cycle of goodness” which means they will do better by doing good for the world and others. (Photo Credit – kolix)

YKK also has several other lines of business such as fastening products, architectural products, and some industrial machinery. (Wiki)

“The initials YKK stand for 吉田工業株式会社 (Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha?), Yoshida Manufacturing Corporation.”

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