XBox Kinect is making some great progress with their product and introducing the whole system into new markets. While watching youtube today I came across an Xbox Kinect video advertisement that featured everything but video game playing. The XBox kinect is Microsoft’s venture into the main stream market and more importantly deeper into our home life past just computers and into our living rooms and other areas. The commercial features people using the system in great new ways such as a girl using it in a class room to zoom in and control a DNA strand with just her hands in the air; not touching a thing!


For those of you who are not aware the Xbox Kinect system is actually a system that you control using nothing but your hand gestures and body gestures without touching anything. You connect a little camera on top of the TV or screen you are using which is ultimately connected to the XBOX system, and you are able to play video games and do some very unique things using just gestures, no physical touch. Some of the applications that Microsoft features in the video were of a doctor that was able to slide through pictures of his patient without touching anything and zoom in and out. Other applications included a women that was able to play a violin without actually touching it and using her hand gestures in the air. This marks a new generation for technology and the progress that we are making towards the future. Hopefully people use this for Global Good and do not decide to harp on some negative effects of it.


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