This great firm helps convert trash to usable energy such as gasoline that is ready for autos! We feel this is a great world changing technology because it can reduce our risk to controversial problems such as Global Climate Change ( politically correct term for global warming ) and reduce international dependency on oil. This dependency is at the root of many wars and violence as the run on gasoline becomes a major problem for major corporations such as Royal Dutch Shell ( Shell ) and Exxon Mobile who pull in near to $300 billion a year or so in revenue off of oil. Companies making sums like that, including Wallmart which is close by in revenue range, take a lot of our resources and their products increased consumption whether gas or inexpensive items sold to the masses create waste for our environment in one way or another… fumes or a growth in trash levels.

With great technology such as this we can truly make a difference in the world and not only reduce the trash already out there and unneeded items but turn it into fuel and energy. Generally burning oil whether in cars or other machines isn’t exactly the best thing for our planet either but I am sure that they are able to convert gasoline or modify the process of their plants whether now or in the future to output a more environmentally sound product. Regardless though, this method of oil keeps the materials already around in circulation and helps decrease the amount of resources we are pulling from the planet’s reserves deep down any way. The video goes on to mention that they have built a 20 million dollar facility recently to take excess turkey cuts and such and convert them to fuel. Also they mention that converting all of the waste and byproducts of animals and such in the US would produce as much oil as we import every year and leave room for the future.

Better yet… the plant recycles the water it uses in the process and uses the pressure and gas that is created during the process to power the plant. Talk about sustainability in energy production, as well as scale. Hopefully I can help connect more scientists to continue innovating on ideas like this or license out the idea to internationally develop more plants like this. We need to take an active role in changing the future guys, lets hustle!

We would like many people to share this and expose some of the great firms out there that are changing the world in real measurable ways and impacting communities in a way never imagined before.

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