According to Media Takeout J Lo has now been seen with P. Diddy and they are supposedly dating again. There is also a picture on Media Takeout site with the article about this. Apparently Media Takeout’s best “snitch” had some of this insider news about J Lo and Diddy.

Moreover this situation is nothing new and just recently public seeing as Media Takeout also explains that J Lo had spoken with Diddy last year when she began to realize that things with Marc were not necessarily working out so well.

Diddy and J Lo reportedly went on this date in New York, J Lo flew in to see Diddy basically. Further they were seen both entering a club in the private area about 20 minutes apart signifying that maybe they were trying to keep it under wraps a bit.

Personally I like them both so I think they are power match like Jay Z and Beyonce… the modern day Bonnie and Clydes ๐Ÿ˜‰

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