Willie B.

You may have recently heard Willie B’s preview of I Got Girls, http://globalgoodgroup.com/blog/sneak-preview-of-willie-bs-new-hit-single-igot-girls/, and if not check it out. He has great beats and a good voice. Fortunately the Global Good staff has been able to hear the whole song from him and not just the preview and I can tell you that it is a really catchy song! I have been listening to it on repeat and just spoke with his manager on a conference with the other co-founder of Global Good Group Rick Jeffries. I can tell you that this artist has already been getting on his game and aligning the right people and dots within the music industry to make this really happen.

Soon we are hoping Willie B will be using something such as Blog talk radio to begin showing weekly videos to his fans as well as something like LiveStream or Ustream to video communicate with those across the world as well. Rock on Willie B!