Europe is having its’ fair share of issues right now which make some of the problems in the US not look quite as horrible. Some of the issues are similar such as job loss and governmental stop ups slowing down the economy but there are also many unique ones as well. Europe has many issues that also stem from so many countries being close to each other such as Italy and Germany which all have different rules however they effect the people of many countries all at once. Other countries across the Atlantic are in the press quite a bit lately such as Greece which is having its’ own meltdown that is worrying surrounding countries and the world. What the general population has to be careful about is the domino effect of allowing one government or country to topple which can quickly take down others with it. Even when countries try to help one another such as breaking them out of debt they soon find themselves in debt or in a cash crunch which is hurting things. Apparently though the numbers for October in retail were very good showing that spending is up quite a bit. Despite the high rise of price in gasoline to over $4 USD in many states, inflation seems to be very low and not a problem in our near line of sight.

Italy and the US are both too high in debt. Italy is at 120% of its economy in debt and the US is straight maxed out at around 100% of its economy. These are two very influential nations and it is very important that we get things back on track so that our world can go on doing business the way it is used to.