In recent Twitter news, is allowing the winner of its new contest “twakeover” to run their twitter account for a week. They

@Water has over 425,000 fans which makes it a strong tool for marketing as well as changing the world, peoples ideas and getting out good information related to water protection and preservation. They believe that they will be able to find somebody really passionate about water issues and related topics that will take care of the account during their brief ownership period and that they will not likely have to police the account much. They will be making sure that they pre edit alot of the tweets going out whether for grammar problems or to make sure that there is nothing profane of any sort that is launched off through their twitter account which reaches nearly a half a million people alone.

To join just sign up here: and you can let them know about why you would be a good choice and what you would change about everything.

This is a good opportunity for third world countries with some of these water problems to get more exposure and public awareness so that they can be benefited and helped with their water issues, right on @Water!