Buffett… no not the food type, the Warren type. Warren Buffett is always making news in the media and being ahead of the curve no matter what sector of business he is after. The billionaire, whom is one of the richest in the world, is making more moves and has now made an investment into IBM. Typically Buffett does not like Technology companies and goes after those with very sustainable, non cyclical, non seasonal, based firms what always have demand and stability.
For example, Coca Cola has been one of Buffett’s main investments along side that of Geico. Geico, the insurance company I am sure many of our readers are familiar with, helps provide “float” money for Buffett to provide to the rest of the portfolio of companies because they collect the entire year or quarter up front I believe and that is a smart strategy.
IBM will be one of the first technology companies for him to add to the growing portfolio of companies and it is well deserved seeing as IBM has beat out the Dow Jones market for so long and is such an international staple in big business computing from their patents and licensing to their software and hardware or consulting services.
Buffett is also known for being a strong supporter of Global change which makes him a Global Gooder. He has given billions to Bill Gates to help manage through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which Bill runs very well and helps millions of people through. Right on guys!