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So who is your favorite YMCMB / Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, aka Young Money Entertainment music artist? They have a roster of a lot of successful artist and you can only pick four so make them count!

However you are voting you can pick your favorites overall or for certain attributes!

      Industry experience, success, and currently “best rapper alive title” then go for Lil Wayne.. duh!

Female backbone, street cred, and crazy rhyming? Can’t go wrong with Nicki Minaj!

Want that soulfoul, playful, cool artist and voice? Go For Drake

That crazy rhyme and “heart of a grown man” but in a young version of Lil Wayne? Go for Lil Chuckee

All of the artists have their own great features check them out! Make your pick now and discuss your other favorite features about these artists below!

Young Money Entertainment Artist Roster on LilWayneHQ.com: http://www.lilwaynehq.com/young-money-entertainment/

Official Young Money Entertainment Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Money_Entertainment