The Military now has technology to make drones that are as small as insects that you would generally shrug off as something else flying through the air. Many people are already familiar with the larger drones that were used across the world in such countries as Afghanistan but those were much larger. This is an interesting twist in the plot and may remind many of the mini mosquito surveillance used in the movie The Fifth Element where a mosquito sized fake insect had a camera and communications system allowing spying on the enemy during the movie until it was squashed as they thought it was just an annoying bug.

All technology including these require people to always be active in protecting them as even high military grade equipment such as their larger drones have been known to be hacked.
A Recent article at: explains that military drones were infected with a virus that allowed a third party to see all of their keystrokes and moves meaning that the enemy could know where these objects were ahead of time or in real time and protect themselves or make advanced moves against the US. At the end of the day this does make sense because even high technology such as these are still controlled by everyday computers that just connect through regular telecommunications whether that is a satellite, radio system, the internet or similar communication systems. The point is that we must be very careful with what we put out there because a great tool can quickly become our greatest enemy. Even the internet, and our interconnected power grid, can be used against us in bad times and we must protect ourselves from that.

As far as the Global Good aspects of this technology, we hope that this will be used in the right way. Not to infringe on citizens privacy but to help encourage peaceful resolutions, less killing, and faster

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