Tumi, the officially coolest brand for travel gear ( According to JBois – Me! ) is something that no young or old executive can live without. From small laptop briefcases and carrying bags to full size travel gear Tumi has it all. And not only does Tumi have it all, they have high quality, gorgeous, sleek, models and products to choose from.

The very look of Tumi is one of “success” as it exudes refinement and sophistication at least in my opinion. I was turned on to Tumi by my lawyer father Thomas J Bois ( ) who has impeccable style and taste in his travel gear. Since I was young I always saw him with his Tumi and have been fortunate enough to receive several Tumi cases and bags as hand downs from him although they feel brand new due to the good care he took care of them and the high quality materials. These bags are very practical and have a great mix of pockets, zippers, and attachments for all sorts of things. Those at Tumi know the power of their demographic and the customers who purchase them and purposely give each bag a unique ID tag and area to put your name so that a lost TUMI bag can be found.

So where can you get Tumi? Tumi stores exist all over the place from high end stores in Los Angeles, Ca to malls across the USA. You can always buy one of these bags online or get one used from an online store like Amazon. I love my Tumi bags and suggest that you get one too so you can see what all the excitement is about!

Josh Bois, Loves Tumi. Period.
Executives Unite and Flaunt that Tumi!