Global Good Tiger Woods is back on the prowl making big moves again. The athlete has had a rough time over the past year or so since the news about the scandal had broken out. This was a rough time for Woods as many fans were lost and his generally good public receptiveness not to mention countless endorsements. We are happy to announce that one of the greatest golfers of our time is back on in the spotlight. After nearly two years of bad form and lowered fitness which contributed to not winning any tournaments; he has now gotten back to the front line. At The Lakes in Sydney yesterday he was able to get five birdies within the first nine holes alone allowing him to take the lead at the Australian Open by the halfway stage.  He won by one stroke ahead of long time veteran Peter O’Malley.
We are glad to see Tiger getting back to where he once was and believe everybody should be given a second chance and sometimes that means a third, fourth or more. Nobody is perfect and it is always good to see talent where it should be.
Signed, Josh Bois