JBois reporting from the Global Good Frontlines of news here and today we have some global good sporting news for you. Tiger Woods has just won his first golf tournament in two years. The web is buzzing and people are tweeting it, facebook discussing, and blogging like there is no tomorrow all about this! From Google Trends to Entertainment Covers this is some big news for one of the most competitive, famous, and at one time richest athletes in history. Woods has had a tough time getting his life all back together after the big fiasco a while back which has included everything from marriage dissolution to real estate buying, selling, and other nightmares. Finally it looks as if Tiger has been able to get his game on again and is making some moves!

Tiger Woods is famous for his happy and optimistic nature when on the course. He is known for big high fives with all of his caddies all the way to him running after putts but the happiness he showed when winning the big game after two years looked even more real than any celebration before. Imagine how excited he was to win; he probably feels as if he has broken the losing streak and can start getting his head back in the game.