The Three Stooges are a comedic act that was around during the early and mid 20th century. Their names were known as “Moe, Larry, and Curly” and the three of them would perform short movies and were well received by the public.

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Genre of film and comedy: Slapstick

Famous comedic actor was one of the influences of Three Stooges

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On the main website currently it has a picture of Jane Lynch for a Live Access Hollywood On The Phone segment.

It even has a “Three Stooges Monopoly Game” picture as well as a Yahtzee game. They are all somewhat themed with the Thee Stooges and they even have the Three Stooges Potato men type toys pictured in front of the games for the full comedic effect! ๐Ÿ™‚

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– The Online Filmography
On their homepage they say, ” is the home of The Three Stooges Online Filmography, a complete film history of the funniest guys that ever appeared in motion pictures!”

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