Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek

Recently when doing a google search for Global Good when I was seeing what other websites and organizations are out there helping the world I stumbled upon which had an article relating to Global Good. I figured I wanted to comment on it for sure because looks like a great site — its headline is “ideas worth spreading” essentially one of the same premises behind Global Good Group and our whole Global Good movement and the Global Good network.. Recently I began to use the website when we added it to our GlobalGoodGroup sharing features and included websites. Some of the categories I chose since it makes you choose five were entrepreneurship, business, news ( general ), music, and charity / not-for-profit. Randomly I happened to come across again as it began recommending me content. (Photo Credit: marketingfacts)

It forwarded me not only to but to a video of Simon Sinek who I do not recognize by name but the face does look quite familiar. Anyways he was delivering a great motivational and business speech on the video and I decided to do a quick look up of him and share him with the world, an idea worth spreading — Just like the slogan of The title of the video was Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.

He talks about the conversion rate on a lot of business which he says the average is about 10% as well as businesses needing a certain tipping point with their market share around 20% or more for major penetration. Further he explains that entrepreneurs and a lot of innovators are willing to try out products and services in their early stage because they are driven by “what they believe in the world” rather than what they are told or see via their peers and the surrounding world. Many people are not willing to buy into a fad or product until this 20% stage or so of seeing others adopt first to prove or validate whether it is a good buy and that the quality is there.

More importantly Simon is known for being “a thought leader and author best known for developing ‘The Golden Circle’ and popularizing the concept of why” ( WIKIPEDIA: SIMON SINEK (. I am not quite sure what The Golden Circle is but for some reason it reminds me of sacred geometry which has been used to describe the symbolic meanings and patterns that are repeated throughout life and intellectually honored by groups around the world such as Religions ( church’s are built using it ) and private organizations like the freemasons but I likely I am sure that he is referring to something different. -JBois

He has been active with not for profits such as the Count Me In organization which is dedicated to helping “one million women-owned businesses reach a million dollars in revenues by 2010, and he serves on the Board of Directors for Danspace Project, an organization that fends for advancing art and dance. he also teaches a graduate-level class in strategic communications at Columbia University” ( WIKIPEDIA )

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