The Global Good Group would like to express some appreciation and thanks to all of the Global Gooders out there who are reading our content, engaging with us around the web, and helping our movement. Thanks giving is a time of reflection and family as well as great stuffing and yams. This year we would like to remind people of our calling to change the world that is shared among everybody. Many of us in America have the chance to get together with loved ones and friends; an opportunity that many in foreign countries could only wish and dream of. While we wish you to have the best Gobble Gobble ever this year in 2011; we also ask for you to put out some thoughts on the big Turkey day for those in need around the world and perhaps for every amazing bite that you eat that you think about one way you will help get a meal in somebodies stomach that is in need this year. Better yet, perhaps you will teach a man to fish rather than just feed them fish by donating to a site such as where entrepreneurs can be funded to make community changing businesses happen such as cell phone charging or cow raising among others.
Have a Global Good Thanks Giving!

The entire Global Good Team

Special Thank to our Global Gooders from Founders Rick Jeffries and Josh Bois! Gobble on Gooders of Globalness!