Taylor swift is back at it again and generating a lot of buzz around the net. She is trending on Google, and likely twitter as well as many other social nets out there. Today she is trending for her song called “Safe and Sound” in the movie Hunger Games. The trend is also due to some missing students being found and a few other incidents but primarily the spikes are due to the world wanting to know all about lil miss Swift… and with good reason. Swift is an amazing singer and has a nack for acting whether it is comedy or more serious roles; she has already shown the world her talent on Saturday Night Live many times already. Below we have included the Youtube video of Swifts Safe and Sound song so that you can make your own opinion on it and judgement.


The Huffington post listed the song as one of the top 6 epic movie theme songs which shows that her music is loved by many even high up journalists that are paid to criticize! Go Taylor and your Global Good following!!!


Google Trends page for “Safe and Sound”: http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends?q=safe+and+sound&date=2011-12-23&sa=X

Check out her official video for Safe and Sound here:

Here is a great song by Rebolution also called Safe and Sound. It has a reggae type sound and is definitely one of our favorites ( favourites if your in UK ) over here at the Global Good Network


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