Tango Tango Tango. No we aren’t talking about the dance, although it is definitely fun, we are talking about the popular mobile app that is an alternative to Skype. I originally came into contact with this app about a year or so ago before Skype had introduced video over 3g to its lineup of offerings for iPhones and similar devices. Tango allowed you to video chat with people on other devices such as Google Android phones where as this functionality was not truly otherwise available. The “Facetime” feature that Apple had put into its iPhone 4’s and now iPhone 4S was only really capable of allowing you to video with people that had the similar device and only over wifi at the time… basically making it not much more than a slight luxury here and there. The Tango service allowed people to communicate over different devices and over the phone lines wirelessly rather than Wifi making it ready for mass communication. In fact Tango had even been released to Windows phones which were for sure an underserved market when it comes to innovative apps. The Apple App store and the Android Market have completely dwarfed the apps of other platforms with popular, usable, and powerful apps allowing you to do almost anything.
Unfortunately there is usually a down side to many great offerings and aparently it was recently found out by the co -author of My Windows Secrets, Rafael Rivera that the app is secretly sending your entire contact list to their server. This is an asset that most people do not want to give up and if that information is put in the wrong hands it can be devastating and bad for national security. CEO’s and other influential people need to protect their contacts and often times may use technology on smartphones such as this for easy communication. This is essentially a Global Good technology but some of the other practices they are using such as contact collection are somewhat unethical and unexplained to the user. It is not like they had you opt in to that; it was purely behind your back. We would like to revolutionize mass communication for learning and innovation here at GlobalGoodGroup but we want to see it done with the right intentions and a focus on the mean and the ends not just the ends. Just because this is a Good technology does not mean it gives them the right to do something equally harmful to us and our business careers than it does with the beneficial nature of allowing mass video communication. America and the world we need to really wake up about security and privacy of our data!