An article on the Austrian news site, Austriantimes.At , explains that a Vienna U-Bahn station will not have any service hours during the summer months.

It has just been announced by Wiener Linien that the U6 Josefstädter Straße station will not be available between the fourth of July until some time closer towards the end in August. The station is going to be getting a cleaning and “refurbishing” ( AustrianTimes article ) which should make it nicer for those who use it more often.

There are currently only five lines that run in Vienna and this should only be affecting one of them, the U6. Every day about 2.3 million passengers are serviced from Wiener Linien with a single fair costing about 1.80 Euros. The local government in the area, the Social Democrats (SPÖ) as well as the Green Party would like to increase the share of public transportation in total traffic. ( Austrian Times )

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