“Snapshot of Spotify’s Official Website”

Buzz around the internet is talking about Spotify which is another hot internet streaming service for music. It includes the music of major labels such as: Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner Music Group as well as a full serving of independent artists and labels. It has been around since its founding in 2008 in Sweden. It is known as a DRM service ( Digital Rights Management ) which means that the music is licensed to you and your equipment only versus the widely known open MP3 type format which is common when people are sharing music among cd’s or ipods and similar devices.

Development started in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden where it soon caught on all over the world; enough to support their headquarters office in London as well as research and development are still continuing in the founding location of Stockholm.

Spotify is usable by most major platforms including most desktops such as: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even Telia Digital-TV as well as many mobile phones and platforms such as iOS ( includes most of the apple lineup now such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone ), as well as Android, Windows Mobile, webOS, Sonos, and Symbian’s S60. The desktop client allows people to listen to songs they have purchased and music can be searched by artist, album, genre, even record labels and of course you can directly search for something.

The news about Spotify that is buzzing is that it is finally accessible to the United States without an invite and a lot of people have been really enjoying their interface and music library. Personally, I feel like Pandora, Youtube, iTunes, and similar apps are already enough and I do not understand all of the hype around another streaming service but I could definitely be missing something.

Global Gooders, lets get some of your feedback! What are your favorite Spotify features or what do you like most about it? Never heard of it what are your thoughts or features you would want to see included. Lets hear it, discuss below people!

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