Finding out what is going on around the internet can be important for many reasons. From understanding what is going on around you in a personal sense or being part of your community, or as a social or safety precaution it can be very important. There are many good tools out there to predict and see trends as they are going on whether that be on social networks or websites such as blogs. Today we are just going to bring some of Google’s products to light in particular so that you can see how we analyze some trends over here at Global Good.


Google Trends

Allows you to see what search queries are very popular and being searched on by people in the U.S. and abroad in certain cases and in a special section of the service for international users.

These services can literally save your life or keep you and your loved ones healthy. Check out a service called Google Flu Trends: It allows you to see a map with an overlay of the popularity of where search terms for flus and such are coming from and how hot they are which can help you choose which area to reside, travel, or escape to if necessary!


There are many websites that help you see Twitter and other trends but this is about Google so we will stick with that.


For example air jordans are trending right now:

you can see the related search queries as well as when the peak was and any related hot locations where a big percentage of searches came from. It also will display for each trending topic some related blogs and news about the topic so that you can do some further research.


right on google


You can check out Google Trends here:


Check out Google Insights For Search Here: