Here at Global Good Group, we are all very young and motivated to change the world. We are calling on other young entrepreneurs and those in the spotlight who can help bring some of these messages for the world to the rest of the world faster.

Brody Jenner is an actor up in Los Angeles that has appeared on shows such as The Hills as well as his own show Bromance. He has been in the spotlight quite a bit in the entertainment realm and we want him to also put out some Global Good.

We are calling on people like you Brody Jenner and the rest of the Global Good Readers to begin spreading some Global Good words and ideas that much more often.

Those of you with influence, reach, capital, power, or any other resource that can help change the world… Let us align and spread information that needs to be spread to the people that can make the biggest difference. Politicians, celebrities, CEO’s, Organization leaders.. anybody that has a following or other resource to add to this, let us really come together. We only live 70 to 90 years if we even live that long so lets think about some of the other people in the world that are going to be there long after us as well as the people that are still here but were before us. We CAN change the world.. even little kids have iPhones in their hands now able to forward along messages, calls, pictures, videos, updates and more.. lets us align the world to do some Global Good and use our position in the spotlight for the best causes we can.

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