In great news today we are happy to announce that many hostages from Somalia pirates have been rescued thanks to Seal Team 6! The team is actually trending on Google. They are trending for everything from seal team six, hashtag, and even navy seal which seem different from the actual topic they are trending for but thought we would mention. Australian based websites such as the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the issue on their website here. These teams are renowned for great work such as saving people and going on these missions but at the same time the video on the Sydney website points out that these criminals will likely learn there lesson from having hostages rescued and will implement future measures to protect the hostages from getting rescued thus making the rescuers job much harder. For now it is good news that we were able to rescue some.


Some bad and sad news though, nine were killed and dead by the time of the rescue and were not able to come along for the happy ride back to safety with the US Navy Seals.