Russia is a country known for being filled with political and economic instability and now is this ever more true than in the past. However things are looking a little bit better as major leaders come to decisions about big issues their such as Sundays parliamentary elections to be rerun, a decision made by Mikhail Gorbachev a notable ally of theirs. Muscovites have been in the streets for the past three days trying to get Vladimir Putin to leave. This is among many countries who have been repressed such as Egypt whom have had major uprisings and surges in the past years which have gotten tryants out of their offices. It is amazing to see the power of social networking sites like twitter and Facebook among other international sites connecting big populations in a way where they can share information and come to much larger collective decisions.
The power of the internet and social networks are allowing the masses to come together and truly become more democratic and share information that is relevant and has consequences they have to face. This is truly one of the first times in history that information sharing has been attainable at this level so fast and cost effectively. Who knows where we will be in ten years and what time of Global Power structure will emerge. Will it be the New World Order or some other similar type of collective force that is governed through technology and democratic votes? One question we have to ask while all of our countries go through a process of M&A ( Mergers and Acquisitions ) with each other which can be seen with big unions such as the European Union, the United Nations, Nafta etc where this will all go to and if we are just helping weed out a balance of power around the world to put it all in a few people or entities hands or if we are further spreading it out among our people. Only time will tell!