Antonov 24 (Same Type of Aircraft involved in crash)

Antonov 24 (Same Type of Aircraft involved in crash)

Recently a Russian plane had to make an emergency landing this past monday on the Siberian river. Unfortunately there have been many other recent disasters in the Russian territories within the transport industry. As the Global Good Group continues to grow we want to bring issues and topics such as this up to the world so they can know some of the sad things that go on; not for the sake of being sad but for the sake of being proactive to try to change the future so these tragedies do not occur. Whether a tragedy can be stopped by giving people information they need to lobby government for new laws such as for more regulation of the airline industry in Russia or for increased focus on the companies at fault so that their issues are fixed for future flights. (photo credit: Pigalle)

It is sad to hear of people dying on flights which are supposed to be a sign of progress, allowing people from different countries and parts of the world to easily travel to one another and meet whether for friendly, family, or business purposes. Let us all be more proactive in going after the issues of this world that can be changed and can make a difference towards saving lives in the future.

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Below are some Russian Plane Crash Videos on Youtube from other incidents that have happened:

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