India has long been very receptive to FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment ) which has helped fuel quite a bit of its international market development such as roads and infrastructure all the way to a booming entertainment, retail, and auto sector. Recently however they are starting to take back some of the foreign nations control of the retail market which is said to be around $450 Billion in the government which is run by the prime minister, Manmohan Singh.
It is important to balance out the positives and negatives for a country and sometimes even economic growth and other things that may seem positive can erode the very culture and momentum of a nation by having too much outside influence and control. For example China has been buying up major stock in the US Government as well as energy resources around the world including South America and Africa. We must be careful to keep a scorecard and balance that ensures control is left with the country itself and that countries are not “bought up” by private or even government controlled firms that may have alterior motives counter-productive to the nations that they do business in.