This post is about Reppin’ my city just like the song. I wanted to show some love to the main cities that have shaped me to who I am today. (Photo Credit:  Mozul)

Orange County, where I was raised and initially began all of my entrepreneurial endeavors and networking. From first kisses to first cars and business partners it all really happened here as well as being home to a lot of my friends and family I have mad love for you OC!

Los Angeles, the city that fostered some of my businesses’ growth whether through their press walls showing our logos, their smart people selling our services for us, or their data centers housing different servers of mine throughout the year you have been great. Despite my dislike with some of the fake and unethical types of people in LA as well as all of the sex and violence that gets promoted throughout it; hats off to you for being a great training wheels experience for me before launching everything off for the entire Globe with many that I have met there.

Oh, I did not forget the last but not least… San Francisco. My placement and position here was definitely far from an accident; quite the contrary, it was a very very very carefully protracted decision. Despite being accepted to many colleges I knew that the right place to be for this CTO ( Chief Technology Officers) and technology loving entrepreneur was going to be… Silicon Valley. for that reason I chose Santa Clara University as my college and never looked back. I had a great four years where I was able to network with venture capital firms, startups, entrepreneurs, friends, and much more. Boy did I learn a lot in Silicon Valley, it has been crazy and I look forward to returning to the area for a little while this year to make sure some big business goes down and that deals can flow in and partner can be made to further the already expansive reach of Global Good Group ( 130 countries a month ) and really make this happen for Rick and I and the entire world.

So thank you california for making such great cities for me to grow up and build my firms in. I know they are not perfect for me thus far they were and have been and still are. I cannot wait to travel the world not to mention visiting the domestic US more but had to shout out some of my favorite cities who have shaped me and my perspectives.