TED is a network known for some amazing topics and issues being brought to light. Today we bring you something very exciting and futuristic and that is a real life human jet system that you can use. It is basically like a jet pack and allows you to fly all over the place and drift and glide like a plane. You really have to see it for yourself to beleive it and it is crazy that we even have the technology to accomplish this!
I cannot imagine being one of the original people to test this out; I would want like three backup parachutes or something am not sure if they are giving these guys all of the protection they really need but that is the amazing thing. They have done this all over the place including the Swiss Alps which shows that it is truly a Global technology. Because this can mean potentially all sorts of new travel methods and potentially someday something more efficient we can say that this may be a Global Good Technology.

I always love being in the sky and air whether it is a plane or extreme sports and am sure I would love to be able to try one of these out. It looks like in one of the videos that they were able to crash into a water area which made it very easy to land on something a little softer than hard ground. This guy was able to fly in between France and England in the big channel which is crazy. They launched one of these outside of a plane to get the guy high up. As the video examples conclude you can finally see that the man infact does have a parachute but it is truly amazing that they are able to protect these guys and really use this technology in a real sense. It is probably very far from becoming something that the general public and consumers can enjoy and use but hey, anything is possible and who knows when we may see some world changing technology like this become more public!