Okay so as long as you haven’t been in a cave for the past few years and have at least a small eye for fashion then you must have seen the proliferation of the Ray-Ban sunglasses brand throughout the entertainment and fashion industry lately. From music and sport stars to movie stars and other industry folks, the Ray-Ban brand has made its way on the face of countless celebrities and people in the public spotlight.

The glasses are quite cool looking and apparently of high quality and protect your eyes well. However, if you are like me at all, you are also interested in the practicality of the products you buy even when they are fashion related items and with a price tag over $100 for these basic type glasses you may not be so ready to whip out the credit card. Lately, I have been rocking a simple pair of glasses from Nordstroms that appear almost exactly identical to these, with the exception of the logo as the Nordstroms are blank, but give you the chance with such a low pricetag to lose them or break them doing all the crazy things we all love to do.

Anyways they are still a great brand with high quality products and you can check them out here:


Example of one of the more popular styles of Ray-Ban Shades: