The private intelligence and analysis firm known as Stratfor has delayed their website launch due to some security breaches and hacks that occurred recently. According to the news the hacker group known as Antisec has claimed responsibility for the hack and said that they were going to cause “mayhem” for the firm by releasing stolen documents. Some of the information this firm collects from its corporate subscribers has now been released onto the internet for the public to scour and look through. We are in a new age where even Google, the government, and top security firms cannot remain safe from these hacker groups when they are singled out. We here at the Global Good Network hope our users are vigilant and active about protecting themselves online as there are many people out there who wish to cause harm!


It has been down since December 24, oh boy did those Xmas hackers really give this firm a great Ho Ho Ho for the new year!


Currently their website is still offline but when it becomes available again it should appear at:

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