The concept behind philanthropy and even the word itself are beautiful. Dictionaries and Wikipedia describe the word to essentially mean “the love of humanity” in the sense of “caring for, nourishing, developing, or enhancing humanity. Here at Global Good Group we are all about, well Global Good. The content we put out to attract our audience and followers is so that we can hopefully bring you to a more global good focused piece such as this. So today we embark on Global Good word root discovery day behind the real world meanings of Philanthropy. Books could be written about this subject so we will only touch on it but would like to bring it into modern trends to be utilized and spread more.

Our world today needs more Philanthropy and Global Good to fight for a positive and ideal as possible future.

The entertainment and advertisement / marketing world around us surrounds us with so many images a day that are truly irrelevant to our local or global societies that often we get lost in a world of impractical media. The news on television is so diluted with non educational ( in the least bit ) programming that actually dissolves your sense of reality by talking about so many random events such as random shootings or animal escapes from zoos that the real news never is surfaced.

In this world, there are only so many productive outlets for our time, energy, and capital and I think that we should all look outside ourselves more and focus on others. Others in all contexts… from other cultures around the world, to those right around us in our own communities. I am definitely not perfect and though I am a Global Good representative, I am human and live a normal life  so I cannot devote my entire day and every moment to Philanthropy. However I would like to integrate it more into my life as I further become ingrained with Global Good ideas and real world individuals and groups making world change. Because I do not focus my entire day on Philanthropy I do not expect you to devote your entire day it is not fair and reasonable to expect you to ( unless your Mother Theresa )…


…BUT I believe if everybody puts in a fair amount of their time into something that makes the most sense for them then we could reach our Global Good “Maximum”. A concept similar to the mins and maxes in economics. If we have people on vertical access and hours on the right side. If we get more people involved, even if they only help the world a bit, the combined actions of everybody goes up and to the right. Perhaps it is less economical and more business like ( Rick and I love when the graphs for Global Good Group are positive and up and to the right ). We all need to put in hours where we can to make change happen!


The collective actions, resources, and intelligence can make a big difference. a great resource I found while researching on this topic has relevant articles such as, “Modest Raises Ahead Seen for Many CEO’s as Economy Staggers” which touches on the subject of how the economy has affected charitable organization’s abilities to get funding from the public and private sectors.

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