Poor Russel Brand! Now that he and Katy Perry are divorced a whole world of different future experiences are about to hit them. Katy Perry is up for seven of the awards and will be on stage quite a bit as well as in front of the cameras. The event organizers want to make it as easy as possible for Katy to have a great night without all of the awkwardness that can come from a split up. This helps prevent any confrontation at the event which may change emotions and the general mood of the event or those in the stars’ immediate atmosphere and surroundings. Russel Brand is quite funny so the event goers may miss him but right on to you Katy Perry for winning or being nominated for sooo many awards! You need to use some of that even greater power and influence for Global Good! Anyways Perez Hilton’s view on the issue has some insider news on the whole decision that you should check out too here.



Not Sure who Russel Brand is? Love him already? Here are a few videos to check out


The photo on Perez’s site about the Russel Brand and Katy Perry divorce and event re-organization deal is actually quite funny and has a picture with the two looking at each other and a caption with Russel saying “I’ll sit this one out!”. Perez starts the article with a big: Ouch! Maybe next year you’ll get some great awards Brand, and maybe Katy will have to sit one out.




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