Officials in Paris such as their foreign minister and those in Russia are starting to question their perspective on Syria having seen President Bashar al-Assad’s violent response to protesters recently during a political visit. Amnesty International has even stated that they believe that crimes against humanity have occurred after finding out about the bloody massacre and shooting of 22 of the people rallying in the protest.

Foreign Minister Alain Juppe tried to convince one of his colleagues in Russia, Sergei Lavrov, recently to change his mind but was unable to deter him from filing a veto against the resolution Western countries had come to regarding the authorized military personnel in the region which were there to help resolve the situation not fire it up further. Many in the United Nations on the French side were looking to bring about legal repercussions and acts to stop violence in these regions and hinder the situation from getting worse but their efforts have been opposed by those in Russia.

Furthermore, Russia disagrees with the stance of the United States and the U.K., and believes that the Syrian ruler should not be in his position any more after committing these and other acts and should step down. (Photo Credit: ewixx)

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Original Source from Reuters