Global Network Across All Continents

Global Network Across All Continents

Today when we approached the Global Good chalk board of what to write about I wanted to find information that pertained to a great deal of people within recent world news. I did a quick Google search on the world’s most populated countries and soon found myself staring right at Indonesia. Here at Global Good Group we have already written several times on other major populated countries such as China and India so here is something a little different for you, some local news from Indonesia. We found this site from another google search for Indonesia news and it pointed us to TheJakartaPost where we went into the national section to get news pertaining mostly to their citizens vs the rest of the world as usual.

After finding a story we decided to give our Indonesian readers some information about something going on in their country ( or your country if your in Indonesia and reading this now ). Nunun looked popular so here is the updated…

This individual is part of a scandal in the Bank of Indonesia for Traveler’s check bribery and is now a fugitive from the Corruption Eradication Commission ( the KPK ) for her part in these crimes. Apparently this fugitive was already able to escape detection by travelling through several other countries as a front including that of many Southeast Asian countries allowing her to remain out of arrest by authorities.

Authorities have since questioned her relatives ( such as her cousin Yane Yunami Alex ) about whether they had willingly lent their passports to Nunun but they have all denied asking why they would ever lend out their passport to somebody, despite it still being a close family member.

Most family members deferred the communication and responsibility to Nunun’s husband, Adang who was supposedly in most communication with her in general.

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