A major Nigerian music star called 2Face has been speaking out about music piracy and asks for a crack down. It is becoming more intensive and difficult for music artists to monetize their talent through music sales and the like. Here at the Global Good Network we actively support many Nigerian music artists to help them get their songs out there and were interested when we saw this video on CNN. Piracy is a double edged sword and it is interesting how different artists around the world are embracing it in some fashions to further their reach. Despite the fact that many artists lose money through not making CD sales and such; they are also able to reach new fans with their music who can help promote them naturally to their friends after the discovery. Some major US artists such as Drake, aka Drizzy, have publicly said that they do not mind people pirating their stuff because they know that it just makes them even more well known essentially.

The scene over in Nigeria for pirated acts is even more difficult than in the US to deal with because even the police buy pirated copies and allow a great deal of the piracy to go on. The police according to 2Face to not respect the artists and their intellectual property and do not view piracy as a serious crime.