As many of you other loyal BMW drivers, fans, owners, or car entusiasts may know… The M5 ( as well as some other models such as the M6 ) have not been on the main USA BMW Website for sometime now. ( is the Official USA portal for US B.M.W. Customers ). Apparently according to several online sources such as this website below the new model is out and debuting around the world. This is good news for BMW buyers because buyers have been unable to purchases M5’s for sometime which I have confirmed after numerous calls to BMW and visits to ask about several of these most amazing, amazing models 🙂

This week, BMW will officially debut the new M5 Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show. The Chinese show was chosen as the venue for the unveiling due to increased popularity of the M brand on the Asian market.

via New M5 Concept unveiled at pre-show event in Shanghai.

The article at:

Also showed a few new concept M5 images ( credit to their sources on the image )








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