You may have heard about Neti Pots which are small devices which help relieve colds, sinus infections, and allergies. Many ear, nose, and even throat surgeons recommend these devices which help According to two people recently have died from using these neti pots which brought about an encephalitis infection. In case you do not know what that is, as it is quite random sounding, it really means that the people contracted a brain eating amoeba… crazy huh!

Anyways these Neti Pots can be dangerous if they are not cleaned or used correctly. Salt water is flushed through the nasal cavity to loosen and thin mucis and promote mucociliary clearance when using this device… So realizing that this is going all throughout your system  you really need to make sure that the device is not germy! I personally have not used one but am probably going to stay away now that I know it can cause brain eating amoebas!!!

Information and further description about Neti Pots can be found on Wikipedia: