In today’s news we have something that you do not hear about quite often, if ever at that. A little seaside city has just become “engulfed” with a foam that came in from the sea. You can see cars having to drive through foam as if it is a dream or a movie or a video game or something of the like! It is really quite intense to imagine being in a big foam pool that covers nearly an entire city. It sounds like it might be fun for little kids despite that a lot of the foam is several feet high and one may get lost in it if too small!


Apparently this happens once or twice a year as strong winds take in the foam from the sea close by. The environmental agency  has done an investigation into the issue and found that there were no harmful environmental problems associated with the sea foam. They believe that this has to do with decomposing algae which gets churned up with rough seas and wind then floats over to the surrounding cities.



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