Market Your Company on Mobile Phones

Mobile Marketing is a high growth advertising channel, where market share are still relatively inexpensive compared to other media platforms and channels.

Key Features

Get Your Own Shortcode
Keep your clients and partners updated with easy to access five digit text message numbers. You can get your own dedicated or share one with other companies.

Deliver Targeted Advertisments
Deliver messages based on the time of day, season, current campaign, demographics, frequency, and much more.


Millions and millions of users are able to use their phone for MMS/SMS type features and even internet and other multimedia in some cases. Take advantage of this opportunity immediately and market to your sales prospects while they are still hot on your service lineup.

Enterprise Features
Track people by their location (GEO Tracking) and display locationally aware advertisements or relevant services that they may be near such as a local office branch or virtually anything else.

Partner with other companies to deliver these locationally aware advertisments and create yet another revenue stream for you and your company!



Optional Services

Custom Development
Integrate the number into your e-commerce store and send updates when items have shipped or when an account has changed status, the possibilities are up to your imagination!

Multi Channel Marketing
Connect multiple marketing campaigns and analytics systems to measure the effectiveness of each message and determine your ROI and adjust your mobile marketing budget accordingly.

















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