MIT, a school known for amazing scientific and technological breakthroughs, has now another invention to be remembered for. Researchers at this institution have now found that by utilizing radio waves that they can see through walls, and at real time speeds allowing it to be used for practical purposes.

The project is not new and has been worked on for some time, according to Gregory Charvat at the university’s Lincoln Laboratory.

The system is able to see through in as deep as half a foot of wall at a speed of 10.8 frames per second.

As any other technology and resource the brings great power… we must ensure there is adequate responsibility that is taken on by those entrusted with such an instrument. We hope that tools such as this are used for scientific needs or other practical ways that can help society in a positive way. Although this can be justified by many for use in war time, we do not hope to see this technology used in order to hurt others such as in the military. Also many privacy concerns arise with such a product as people’s privacy in private places as well as public places and at work may come under fire from corrupt uses of such technology.

Technology such as this has long been seen in science fiction and futuristic films but is now a reality. With just a cart of some computer equipment and enough radar devices these scientists have turned this into a reality. We welcome you to learn more about it at the links below!

MIT Stands for the: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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