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Check out Some of Mike Posner’s Notable Performances and Links

Mike Posner, a musical act that broke out onto the scene in recent years, has been taking the nation and world by storm with his music. Having already been on songs with other major artists such as, , Bun B, Saigon, Bruno Mars, and 3OH!3 he is set to have a fulfilling and successful career, that is if the girls don’t eat him up first for being such an all star with his musical collaborations, heart throb with his lyrics, and stylish dude with his cool demeanor. (Photo Credit: , , and )

Posner is known for his lyrics that are relevant to a younger teenage / college age demographic mostly related to school, romance, and similar topics.

One of his main associated acts is that of Clinton Sparks ( ) who helps produce some of the beats and songs that Mike Posner sings on top of although Posner is known for also working with other major producers and even artists such as Lil Wayne. They are both known for being quite confident and at times quite cocky, but hey you have to give it to them for getting to the level they are at, at such a young age! Right on young artists and entrepreneurs, Josh Bois and Rick Jeffries are here to help you get to the top and succeed… all over the globe.

According to Wikipedia ( Link Below ) he was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity at his college Duke University which he attended after graduating from Groves High School. The vocal genius has born and raised in Southfield, Michigan a state not known for its’ musical acts but apparently an environment that led Posner down the right paths he needed to go down in order to become the international sensation he is today.