The Media Aggregation blog known as Poynter has just lost its’ Jim Romensko who was there for 12 years. As a media news aggregation service our selves here at Global Good Group we are always happy to see other media networks prosper and provide news services to the public. It is sad to see a major blog influencer leave but we are glad that the world has had these types of people. Unfortunately the reason he resigned was due to Eria Fry, an assistant editor at Columbia Journalism Review finding out and exposing that he would pull large amounts of information from other sources such as entire paragraphs which begins to hit on copyright issues.
Jim is going to continue blogging on his own website at which will be about things that he is interested in personally and likely more editorial than news focused. This man was looked at as a “King” of the blogosphere by many and will be missed. It is good though that people are held accountable and that peoples content online is protected.
Signed, Josh Bois