(Credit: CC Andres Rueda/Flickr)

Ho Ho Ho! It is Xmas time and oh boy is one man even more excited about it than you! Recently a man won at a slot machine a total of forty-three-million euros which equates to right about $57 million dollars USD.

However when this man tried to claim his prize the casino told him that it was a “software glitch” and tried to just give him a $100 USD meal certificate which he was not so happy about. Soon after this the casino actually had the nerve to ban him so he soon turned to the legal system to get his justice. The casino passed the case back to the maker of the slot system once it finally reached the Austrian court system.

Casino Austria AG, the makers of the system, apparently told him that no jackpot can be larger than 2 million euros far under his forty three million. The man had even filmed the whole happening on his cell phone camera however it only showed four of the five slots aligned which did not completely help his case. So until now he still does not have this large sum of money as the case is going on but it will be interesting to see how this mans reward turns up and his Christmas!