Starting a business is not the easiest thing to do. However, it teaches you a great deal about yourself as well as the industry that you are working within. My business partner Rick Jeffries and I ( Josh Bois ) have learned many lessons together while trying to get the Global Good brand off of the ground as well as many other companies we have started as well as those of our partners and clients… lessons which we would like to share with other entrepreneurs young and old. From dealing with faulty publicists and film investors in Los Angeles to dealing with businesses and organizations across the world we have had a diversity of unique experiences and want to help and mentor those looking for help.

Today we bring you this article to evangelize the concept of starting your own business and more importantly boot strapping it or self funding…for as long as possible.. the idea by yourself. Rick and I have had to shoe away investor after investor because we did not want to give up equity in our ideas to the wrong person or at the wrong price and are still working on getting this Global Network that is promoting Global Good and changing the world into more countries everyday.

Although I have primarily been in the Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay Area ( Silicon Valley ) regions for my business experiences and Rick has been through those same ones and Atlanta, we also represent the lessons learned by all of our interns and volunteers across the world that are dedicated to helping grow this network and change the world.

Global Good Group and the Global Good Network is here for you other entrepreneurs whether it is a small idea or about changing the world, to help get your idea off the ground and connect you with the right resources. Whether that is angel or venture capital, lawyers, business mentors, educational resources, or anything else; we do promise to try to help as many of you as possible. Many have asked us to mentor their children or entrereneur friends and although we want to help everybody; it is still somewhat a first come first served basis so catch on to the trend and ask for help sooner rather than later before our schedules are even more booked.

We ask those of you around the world to support the entrepreneurial efforts of those around you. It is a long road that is difficult to handle without the support of friends and family and hopefully a relationship or two in there with a special somebody to take the stress off and talk to.

Lets get em guys and Global Gooders! Startup Resource:

Stanford – Strategic Decision and Risk Management – Free Webinar