Our parents, no matter how old, young, cool, foolish, caring, gracious, or any other trait they may be, are exactly that: our parents. Whether your parents are the ones who biologically made you or those who took care of you and raised you and were essentially your parents are basically still your parents. Even if you are old and your parents are gone, or if you are young and rebellious, they are there for support and guidance and have wisdom to give.

Parents, and elders alike, are in a position of responsibility to ensure your success, growth, and well being over time and should not be overlooked as sources of knowledge and universal lessons to be had. Perhaps those who understand us best are not the friends we have accumulated or the students we were educated next to, nor your next door neighbor you wave to every morning, but your parents even if distance ( whether physical or emotional ) is between you at a given time, they know us best. Of course some situations differ but a rule of thumb fact I feel is that our parents know our insides and outsides best. So why not give a little bit more weight to what they say… I mean they do know us best right?

It is important to listen to our parents and elders around us as the lessons they try to give to us can help us prevent making mistakes and can
lead us in the right directions. Lets all make tomorrow June 28, 2011 Global Good Parents Recognition day for appreciating our parents whether they are with us or not even if they have wronged us in some way because they birthed us and still helped get us to where we are in one way shape or form.

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